Friday, 30 March 2012

New Sheep

Hi All,
This week at school we have been given our exam timetable for our Year 9 Mocks. I have about ten exams beginning on the 30th April. I need to start to revise as I am hoping to get some good grades. I need to do well at my GCSEs and A levels as I want to go to Agricultural college. However right now I’m looking forward to breaking up for the Easter holidays, I bet the weather changes just as the holidays start!.
This week, my business partner and I have been talking and we have decided to buy another ewe and lamb. When we first started the business we had 4 ewes but a few months ago we sold one at Hereford Market. We had always planned to replace it and this week I have found a good ewe and a very strong lamb to buy. The ewe is a Texel, a breed that we like and have researched.  One slight problem is that the lamb is younger than our other lambs and will take longer to finish than the others.

I am going to move my ewes and lambs to another field for a couple of weeks to allow the original paddock time to grow. It is looking a little brown. This is because of the lack of rain as I mentioned on my last farming blog. The local farmer thinks my lambs are about 24kg now and in another month or so they will be ready to sell. We are thinking of keeping one lamb to breed from.

I’ve got a few plans for the holidays including visiting my grandparents in Northumberland and visiting Country Tastic on the 12th April at the Three Counties Show Ground ( I’ve been to this event for the last few years and love seeing others learning about farming. It’s really popular with younger children and they get the chance to speak to the farmers and see the animals.

Happy Easter!



  1. This is an amazing project! We're doing the same thing with a couple of orphans rearing them on the bottle and will sell them when they reach the right weight. Do you do this by yourself? It's just what I want to do, I'm helping with lambing at the Scottish Agricultural Colllege, and I'm completely obsessed. It's great to know that there are likeminded people my age out there!!! Good luck, and a brilliant blog!

    Annie M

  2. Also, what is your opinion on the texels? Ours drinks a hell of a lot more than the other.

    Annie M