Sunday, 5 June 2011

Week Four

This week has been a great week as I have been visiting a Suffolk sheep farmer in Bristol. Later in the blog I will be telling you how he helped me by telling me what makes a good Suffolk sheep. But first let me tell you about my sheep. My sheep are looking really good at the moment. Yesterday as I was checking them I only saw three, so I thought the fourth must just be sleeping so I carried on  feeding the others but it did not come, so I went looking. I saw her in the distance but her ears were down and she was not moving so I ran over. As soon as I was near to her, she did just what sheep do - got up and ran away! Typical sheep!

As promised I am going to tell you what makes a good Suffolk sheep:
When I visited the Suffolk sheep farmer this week,I asked him what made a good Suffolk sheep.
He replied:
"A Suffolk sheep needs to have...
  1. Good back
  2. Silky hair on head and legs.
  3. A tight skin.
  4. Good teeth
  5. Good back end (If it's a male).
  6. Stands nicely."
Thank you for reading my fourth blog.


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  1. Hello Jack. Really like the blog. I have learnt a great deal about suffolk sheep and I will follow the progress of your gimmers with great interest.