Sunday, 24 July 2011

Week Eleven

Hello again,

This week I have been on an activity week with my school. It was great fun. As I was away my sister has been checking my sheep for me. I have been up to check the gimmers yesterday and - to my amazement -the gimmer that had the problem on her leg is much better. This means that I will not need to bring her back in and give her some more penicillin.

Yesterday I went to Shewsbury Livestock Market to see the National Suffolk Sheep Show and Sale. There were 234 Suffolk Rams entered and there was about 200 present. Some farmers think that their sheep will not sell or they think it is to far to go and if they don't sell they have to bring them back so they don't bother taking them. The top price was 23,000gns sold by Chris Holmes with his Ram Lamb which won at The Three Counies Show. Chris also had a lamb at 2200gns and 1500gns. Robert H Wilson bought the top price Ram to use this year on his flock. The champion Lamb was from J G Douglas which made 2000gns and the reserve champion was from Myfyr A Evans and it made 7200gns. Also other top prices were from G C Beacom which went for 9000gns, W G Troup Ltd which made 70000gns and Mrs J J Tooze had a lamb that went for 2200gns. Messrs A E Weaver & Son bought that ram. The top price for the Shearling rams was from Messrs T C & C A Harding which made 1600gns.
The average for the Shearling Rams is = 1012gns.
The average for the ram lambs is = 1171gns.

It is the stirling sale coming up and it has entries  200 Rams and on the 12th of August it is the Carlisle sale and if you would like to enter there is still time, so go on to this website to enter.

I am still looking for a pedigree farmer who uses BASCO to tell me how to use it, that would be great. I also need to learn how to read the notches in the ears to be able to trace their history.

Thank you for reading,
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