Sunday, 31 July 2011

Week Twelve


This week has been my first week of summer holidays. It was boring! (I kind of want to go to school) The sheep are looking fine and ready for tupping. I am going to use a Suffolk ram. I will use raddle on the ram to check that it is working. If the Suffolk ram dosen't work after 2 weeks we will use a Texel ram. If we use a Texel ram we will be producing commerical lambs. (This could be good and bad)
This week we have also made hay using an Edwardian method. We had to make Edwardian hay because we can't get a tractor into the paddock. If you want to make Edwardian hay just follow these few steps:
  1. First you need to cut the hay with a sythe or you can cheat and use a strimmer.
  2. Next you need to row it up and turn three times a day unless it has rained then you need to leave until it gets warmer and then start turning again
  3. Then you need to put them into cocks.
  4. After that you need to put it in to a stack.
  5. Finally put a cover over it leaving a little bit of air to keep it cool as you don't want it too hot inside.
Thank you for reading my blog and hope you read my next blog.


Sythe = An cutting devise.
Cocks = Small piles to let the hay dry.
Stack = The final pile it will be in.

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