Saturday, 2 July 2011

Week Eight

Hello again,

I have been busy this week with school. I've just finished exams and now nervously await my results!

This is the final week with the feeding the sheep for a while as they are looking quiet fat at the moement. The flys are still hovering over the gimmers but they are not landing and not laying eggs.

This week I am going to tell you what is the best way to make the good use of your land.

I have 2.7 acres of land and I have cut it in to half so there is 1.35 acres on both sides. On one side I have further divided it in half so there is 0.675 acres in each part. This means the sheep and pigs (the pigs are not mine) can move around. If you keep cows please read this next part.
An old 'rule of thumb' is 1/2 acre per cow for spring, one acre per cow for summer and 1.5 acres per cow in the Autumn.

I only have sheep and pigs at the moment but if you have more land you might start to think about what else you could have on your land, perhaps goats or alpacas? (i know that alpacas are good for keeping the foxes away!)

Here are some more results from around the UK:

The Royal Norfolk Show
Male champion: M J & J A Pinny
Female champion: Needham, Miss Elizabeth

If there are any more shows that I have missed feel free to comment and I will cover it next week.

Thank you

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