Sunday, 12 June 2011

Week Five

This week as been another good week. The rain has finally fallen, so the grass will start to grow. The wool on the gimmers is starting to grow back from when they were clipped last month. This will mean that in the winter the gimmers will be nice and warm. 

This week I am going to tell you who is winning the Suffolk classes at the major shows from around the UK:

At the Royal Bath & West Show

Champion: , Mr R F Holmes
Reserve Champion:  Mr  Brooks

At the South of England Show:
Champion: M Legge
Reserve Champion: Miss D Lindon

At The Royal Cornwall Show:
Champion: Mr R Lawrence
Reserve Champion: Not known.

Next week I will be telling you what you need to start to keep sheep and I shall be visiting the Three Counties Show to see how my sheep compare to the sheep being shown there. I shall be able to report back with the showing results.

As well as having a great interest in sheep, I love acting and I am currently reheasing for a village play, so I am having to learn a lot of words. The play is called Mystery and Merriment and it is all about the Bible, both the old and new Testament stories. If you live in the Worcestershire area and are interested in it, please look at the website
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