Monday, 7 November 2011

The Burglary

Hello everyone,

You are probably wondering what the title means but I will get to that later. Last week I was on my half term so we have some people to stay. My Great Aunt Di came down to see us for 5 nights as we don't get to see her much because she lives in Northumberland and we live in Worcestershire. As I have said in previous blogs I went to a sale and bought two pairs of handshears. Both of them were very rusty. So Great Aunt Di and I went to a hard wear shop and bought some rust remover and a rust brush. We came home and got the shears out and started working. The bigger pair were so rusty the rust had stuck to the shears so we couldn't get the rust off. But on the other shears the rust came of nicely. So Aunty Di and I walked over to the sheep because one of the four had a dirty backend so we had to clean it up. We did it and it was a good days work. After she had gone we had some more visters from Northumberland. They were my mum's good friends. Their son James helped my to get the sheep in again and do their feet. We do this every 4-6 months just to make sure that they are not getting foot root or they are lame. Sometimes they are lame after we have checked them so we have to get them back in to make sure the foot is clean and healthy.

Now to the exciting bit!! The BURGLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One Tuesday Night when the air was cold a young boy (me) was enjoying Jonny English (it is great) at the cinema. When he had just got in to the house the phone rang. "Hello" he said and then
"Hi , its Chris. (he is the owner of the field) There has been a burglary!!! The sheep are fine but the Electric Fence is Bust."
"Oh no!!!!!" Jack replied,
"Its ok. The main thing is that the sheep are ok!" said Chris,
"I will be round in the morning to see." The confusion went on.

As he said he was there the very next day and I saw something amazing.The robbers had got stuck in the electric fence and it was on. They had broken it in half and could have been nearly killed. They had planned it so well, they had wheelbarrows in the next door field to put everything into.

I have had one question online and it is as follows:
What does E.I.D sand for?
This is a very good Question. The answer is that it stands for Electronic Identification.

Thank you for your question please ask me more!


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