Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lambing Update 2-2-12

Hi All

Today I have had one ewe that has lambed. It lambed this evening at 5:15 My father had to intervene because the lamb is so big and strong and the ewe would not lamb on its own. The lamb is a ewe lamb. It has been sucking on the teats of the ewe and the ewe has alot of milk and this is good as the lamb is so strong.
But on a bad note we have had a death. The small lamb that we lambed yesterday sadly died tonight. We were sad to see that it was dead but it was so small and it would of died because of the weather. It was -7C and tonight, as I write, it is -3C already. COLD!!!!

I will put pics on tomorrow because there is only one ewe still to lamb and I think it will lamb tonight.

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