Thursday, 3 May 2012

Photo Shoot

On Monday I moved my ewes and lambs back to our field. The local farmer helped me but we had a problem. One of my ewes lay down and would not stand up. Sheep do this sometimes because they get scared of dogs and they do not like running. The farmer had to drive the quad back to the farm to collect the trailer to put the ewe in. Once we managed to move this ewe in the trailer we drove the rest to the pens and sorted them all. Once sorted the brilliant photographer from the Three Counties came and took some great photos of me and the sheep. These pictures you can see in this page (I like the one of me and one of the lambs!). Once the photo shoot was finished we had to clean the ewe's back ends! it is important to do this often to avoid problems with maggots. We gave them a little shave on the head to tidy them up too! The farmer said we should weigh the lambs. I got the weighing scales and caught the lambs. I was really pleased to know that they were really heavy. The top weight was 36kg which is really amazing in such a short time. I will sell these lambs soon. If there is anything you want me to talk about do not be afraid to ask. Jack

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  1. One of our lambs would appear to have her back legs longer than her front legs, and stands with her legs tucked underneath her. She doesn't jump around like the others. Have you had any problems like this?