Monday, 11 June 2012

25th May

Hi All

Hope you have all had a great week and the weather has ok. The farmer I help, Tim, has started shearing. Tim is one of the first farmers in the area to shear his sheep and one of the first to get his wool off to the British Wool Board. I love shearing because I get to jump on the wool sacks to pack the fleeces in tight. I love seeing the ewes with their fleeces off and looking neat and tidy. On Monday I will be helping Tim to shear about 200 ewes. My job will ether be pushing them up to the shearers or take the lambs off the ewes so they don't get mixed up when the ewes get shorn.

Over the next few weeks I will be giving you the latest results from the major shows.

Over the past week there have been a couple of shows. There was a great turn out of all different types of livestock. I was really pleased to know that my good friend Sandy Fraser won the sheep interbreed with his Suffolks. So here we go:

Newark and Nottingham show:
Sheep interbreed
Champion: Sandy Fraser of Scunthorpe. Sandy won with his homebred Suffolk Shearling Ram.
Reserve Champion: Frank Rushton with his Texel Shearling Ewe.

Cattle Interbreed
Champion: Smiths of Bloxham with their great Limousin bull calf.
Reserve Champion: A South Devon cow and calf outfit from A and C Farm's, of the Langham Herd.

Dairy Interbreed
Champion: A Jersey cow from Abi Sercombe.
Reserve Champion: A Holstein cow from Holdcroft and Sons, Burton on Trent.

Pig Interbreed
Champion: A Tamworth sow from Stuart Roberts.

Balmoral Show:
Sheep Interbreed
Champion: Texel ewe from Mr Alastair Gault's flock in Newtownavvey, Antrim. It was a lovely ewe.
Reserve Champion: Was a Charolais from Mrs Diane Christie's flock in Comber, Newtownards, Co Down.

Cattle Interbreed
Champion: A Limousin heifer Millbrook Ginger Spice from William Smith
Reserve Champion: A Charolais heifer Cornascriebe Flo from Mr James A Watson.

Pig Interbreed
Champion: A Large White gilt - Glenmarshal Dainty Lady - from Mr Trevor Shields.
Reserve Champion: A Middle White junior boar - Ginnington Captain 2 - from Rebecca Gregg.

I am very sorry if I do not mention your show please email me on and I will mention it in the next blog.

Hope you are all ok.

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