Monday, 11 June 2012

29th May

Hi All

What a lovely week once again. I should not complain but it is just a little too hot, especially when you do a science experiment using fire!

I have got my ewes shorn on Tuesday, Tim did them and they look great. I did not have a go at it as I would hate to have to take the blame if anything had happened! I will have some pictures soon to post on here.

Tim is a sheep dealer. Through the lambing period, I was there every night in the school week. I started
at 6 o'clock and was responsible for certain jobs until Tim returned. Now lambing has finished I am helping whenever there are jobs to be done. On Thursday I had a phone call to ask if I could go round in the evening and load the lorry with the wool bags. Tim was telling me how dreadful the lamb trade is at the moment, we have some good chats while we are working. In Longtown which is a very big livestock mart which usually have 4000 ewes and about 4000 lambs to sell, both ewes and lambs were down dramatically.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine.

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