Monday, 11 June 2012

Ask Jack

I have had a question from somebody asking me about one of their lambs: 'One of our lambs would appear to have her back legs longer than her front legs, and stands with her legs tucked underneath her. She doesn't jump around like the others. Have you had any problems like this?'I spoke to my grandfather who informed me that it sounds like a deformity. I have never had this problem but I am sure it is not too serious especially if it is not having trouble feeding. If you want more advice ask your vet who will give you more in-depth answer and they are much more qualified than me.

I have also had a comment from Annie and in reply, I think it must be raining all over the place! I will not be entering the Three Counties Show for two reasons. Firstly I don't consider my ewes to be good enough and secondly I am a ring steward at the show on Saturday and Sunday. This means I ensure all the corrrect sheep are in the ring and ready for the judge. I then help present the prizes and make sure all the results are recorded correctly. Over the Three Counties weekend I will be giving you a diary account of how it went, who won and why I like stewarding. Which show are you hoping to show at and what are you hoping to show?

Hope to speak to you soon.


A touch of gardening

14th May

Hi All

What a great weekend. These past few days have been wonderful. It has rained at night but been lovely in the day, great growing conditions.

On Thursday the Malvern Spring Gardening Show started in typical British weather ... rain!! Never mind, people still flocked to the show. BBC Gardeners World were recording their show and on Friday it was shown on BBC2. It really showed off the show well and together with the beautiful sunshine, there was a bumper weekend crowd. The mud had gone and the roads were packed. As I cycled along the road home from school on Friday I had never seen as many buses full of ladies and gentlemen heading back on to the M5.

On Sunday the mud was no where to be seen and I decided to go to the show. My mum works at the show so I cycled over and met her for lunch. You probably don't know but I love gardening as well as farming. Any time I go to a garden centre I will buy seeds or plants and start growing and planting. I bought quite a bit at the show and came home and started potting up. It was a nice suprise for Mum when she got home that night!

In farming you need to know about horticulture and agriculture because you need to know what seeds to plant, when to plant and how to do it. I've tried to learn from my relatives and I also read gardening books.

My ewes are looking great and the lambs are growing very well, not long now until they are ready to sell.

I would like to here from you and what you would like to know about.
Speak soon

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